Williston State College Trainers Prepare for Disaster

At a moment's notice, a disaster can happen. Two Williston State College trainers are prepared to teach students what they should do to deal with the situation.

Trainers Alan Billehus and Jason Mathers completed 40 hours of training to become certified Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response instructors.

The trainers learned about skin, respiratory and eye protection training. Also they learned about personal protective equipment that is recommended and different than typical emergency-response equipment.

"It gives us an opportunity to provide this course more often here because we have trainers right here on staff. As oppose to bring in somebody out of state to do the training for us," said Alan Billehus, TrainND Northwest Trainer.

"In the old day, years and years ago, somebody would just grab a pair of gloves and go start cleaning up something. Nowadays we are smarter than that and we understand that we don't want to put somebody in that position without properly training them," said Andrew Reeves, TrainND NW Training & Development Manager. "So they understand what the hazards are and they can properly mitigate those hazards before they put their hands on it."

Billehus and Mathers are two of the 17 highly qualified trainers at TrainND Northwest.