Williston State College Expands Free Tuition Program

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Over the last year, Williston State College has seen an explosion in population due to the Williams County Scholarship. Students that graduated from a Williams County High School were given free tuition and fees for two years.

"North Dakota is holding its own Super Bowl, and 18 High School Classes of 2016 are the Champions."

At the Williston State College Foundation Scholarship Appreciation Night this evening, the college made a game-changing announcement.

"It is a once in a nation opportunity. I don't think there's anything like this going on in any state in the country," said Raymond Nadolny, WSC President

The college is expanding their free tuition program to all 5 counties that they cater to. This means that students that graduate from the 18 high schools in Williams, Divide, McKenzie, Mountrail and Burke counties can attend the college for two years with their tuition and fees paid for.

Kathleen Neset
Chairman, State Board of Higher Education
"That means success. That means success for Williston State College, for the City of Williston, for the state. For our Nation. To be able to have the vision. To be able to see that we want to educate for our future."

The Williston State College Foundation is excited to bring this opportunity to all five counties.

"We wanted to expand our basis a little bit, we are a regional college. And we felt we wanted the students from all over northwest North Dakota," said Pete Fuurseth.

And the college is confident that they will be able to handle continued growth from the scholarship.

"When we went up eight percent in terms of retention from fall to spring from the prior year, we learned we can serve them," said Raymond Nadolny.

Williston State will certainly continue to serve students in the region for years to come.

The college will be sending representatives to all 18 schools over the coming weeks to tell students how they can apply for the scholarship.