Williston Residents Send Help to Hometown of Flint, Mich.

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Over the last few months, Flint, Mich., has made headlines for dangerous levels of lead in the water. One bottling service in Williston is trying to help.

In 2014, the city began using water from the Flint River, rather than Lake Huron, in an effort to save money. The river water was much more corrosive, and now lead from the pipes has contaminated the water supply.

"People take water for granted. When you can't open the faucet and drink the water or cook with it, it's hard. People don't realize until you can't use the water you have," said Chris Duell, C&D Water Services.

Duell and Dan Provost of C&D Water Services are stepping in to help.

"We're sending a semi-truck load. It's going to be 26 pallets. There's 40, four gallon bottles per pallet. So we're looking at 1,040 bottles of water," Duell said.

Duell and Provost are Flint natives and still have family and friends in the area.

"It hits home for me, cause my mom's right in the middle of it. She lives in one of the highest areas for the lead contaminant. And I also have other family members that live right in the middle of Flint," Provost said.

They are also working with their equipment supplier to try and send additional resources to their hometown.

"Water bottles is a short term, we need some other solutions other than water, so whatever temporary filtering they can do too," Provost said.

But in the meantime, the hope is that Flint knows they aren't forgotten.

"I want people when they see the truck that they smile and say, 'Thank you from everyone.' The other people from outside the city of Flint are thinking of them," Duell said.

The duo also owns the Little Caesar's in Williston, and all proceeds from Jan. 25-31 will go to Flint to help them deal with the ongoing crisis.

The bottles are being shipped out Saturday.