Williston Leads ND in Taxable Sales and Purchases

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The state's economy is growing at a record rate and that's especially true in the Bakken.

Williston has led North Dakota in taxable sales and purchases since 2011, and last week's report indicates that the economic growth hasn't slowed down yet.

Williston contributed just under $3.7 billion in taxable sales and purchases last year. That alone is about 13 percent of the entire state's revenue from those taxable sales.

Last year, North Dakota saw a 11 percent increase from 2013 to a record $28.2 billion.

The oil industry has also seen the most growth out of any economic sector. Taxable sales from mining and oil extraction have doubled since 2010.

And the Williston Economic Development says those numbers will continue to grow.

"Williston is exciting right now, it's a growing community. We're setting ourselves up for a lot of growth into the future. And I think we will see some of these numbers continue to move along," said Shawn Wenko, Williston Economic Development.

Because of a recent slump in oil prices, Wenko says he expects next year's tax revenue numbers to take a slight dip.