Veteran Honored With Helicopter Flight Over Dickinson

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It's not unusual to see Dickinson's Valley Med Flight Team in the skies.

But today, the pilot had a special guest on board.

It was just another morning for Dickinson resident George Ott.

"I surely wasn't scared of it," said Ott, World War II veteran.

Though onlookers couldn't believe the 96-year-old would be boarding a helicopter for flight.

"I would've never thought that at 96 he would going up in a helicopter," said Laura Shirek, Ott's daughter.

And that she would be on board alongside her father.

"It was a nice day for company," Ott said.

Dickinson's Valley Med Flight wanted to thank the veteran for his time in the service. They made sure he got on board.

"We took a Hoyer Lift and lifted him onto our stretcher and then put the stretcher into the helicopter," said Deann Schaefer, flight nurse at Valley Med Flight.

Perhaps it was Ott's experience during World War II that prepared him so well for the the day's journey.

"The fortress had four engines and they carried about two and a half tons of bombs," Ott said.

Ott was held as a prisoner of war after bailing out of his aircraft during a mission in Germany. His family saved the letters his brother received saying he was missing in action.

From interviews on camera and on paper, his family preserves his accomplishments. He's the one of the oldest veterans at St. Luke's Home.

"He's a very special person to have at our facility," said Lana Wanner, resident care manager at St. Luke's Home.

The kind of person who deserves a special day.​

The pilot made sure to fly over Dickinson's new Veterans Memorial for Ott to see.