Updated map released for traffic, parking, public access at Bismarck Events Center on May 26

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Bismarck Police have released a map of street closures and what people can expect around the Bismarck Events Center Thursday.

They say there's limited parking in Event Center parking lots south and southeast of the Event Center. Parking is allowed in the Kirkwood Mall parking lot, the parking ramps located at North Sixth Street/Broadway Avenue and North Third Street/Main Avenue.

Police add that general public access to the Event Center is limited because of the road closures. They reccomend people leave a period of time to get to the event, and carpool to relieve traffic.

Streets closed include South 7th Street, the two westerly southbound lanes of traffic between Front Ave. and Bowen Ave. Bowen Ave. between 7th street and 5th street will also be closed and 5th street between Bowen and Front Ave.