UPDATE: Minot Mother Arrested for Death of 3-Month-Old Daughter

Police in Minot arrested a woman yesterday they suspect killed her daughter.

They say during a traffic stop in McLean county, the deputy grew concerned over the well-being of a child when one of the women in the car, Pauleen Stewart, 45, told him that she had left her three-month-old at home.

"Yesterday, Pauleen was stopped by a McLean County Deputy southbound on Highway 83 for speeding," said Capt. Dan Strandberg with the Minot Police Department. "During the traffic stop, there was some question about where her child may be. Her husband was contacted and said the child should be with Pauleen, however the child was not in the car."

That prompted the deputy to ask Minot Police to conduct a welfare check on the woman's apartment on Park Street in Minot.

When they arrived, the apartment door was open, and inside, they found the baby was deceased.

"Through the investigation we were able to determine that Pauleen Stewart was responsible for death of her child and she was charged with murder of the three-month-old child," said Strandberg.

Strandberg said the cause of death won't be known until the autopsy is completed.