UPDATE: Human Remains Discovered May Be Those of Missing Construction Worker

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Dickinson Police say the discovery of human remains at a construction site last night may be those of a missing construction worker.

Excavation crews dug up the remains along with clothing on Fourth Street. Investigators say the body was relatively intact and was in a crouched, upright position.

The remains were exhumed under the supervision of a forensic anthropologist from the University of North Dakota. They say a positive identification couldn't be made right away because of the decomposition of the body and the deterioration of the clothing.

Some are also suggesting that the remains might be those of a person who disappeared nearly three years ago, but police haven't released any such information.

"Without knowing, you can't really speculate on who it is, if it is that person," said resident Kenneth Cox. "It's just going to be a real blessing for that family to finally get closure on someone that was missing."

Police say a positive identification could take four to six weeks.