Thousands Celebrate Independence Day at Mandan Parade

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The 4th of July parade in Mandan is pomp and circumstance.
It's tradition. Every year Lonnie Greybear comes to her daughters house to watch.

"I like it. It's really nice to see the people stand up and salute the the flag and the soldiers going by. It's really nice," said Greybear.

It's young, it's old. Janice Eng got to watch her first ever Mandan parade.

"I like the patriotism, the family environment as I watch the kids out here. It's something I hope we can bring back all over the country."

It's animals of all kinds. It's John Deere Green. It's having a camera on your shoulder and getting all kinds of swag. And of course it's freedom.

"The people in North Dakota are great. The camaraderie and people helping everybody. It's really neat. It's something we fought for and we got it," said Tom Greig.

Greig has seen every Mandan 4th of July parade for the last 60 years. Something he says he'll be back next year too.