Stranded ND Students Hold Mass on PA Turnpike

More than 24 hours stranded on a stretch of interstate among thousands of other travelers as snow piled up.

That's the nightmare situation a group of students from Trinity High School in Dickinson faced on the Pennsylvania Turnpike during this weekend's historic blizzard.

The group was headed home from the March of Life in Washington, D.C., when their bus became trapped on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The students used the time to turn to a higher power.

They gathered for God with hundreds of other stranded Catholics from all across the nation.

With an altar of snow seven priests pooled their resources and celebrated mass Saturday afternoon.

It would become the prayer heard around the world.

"Everyone who was there was very cold I'm sure, their feet were cold. But they knew why they were there, and they were extremely reverent. They wanted to receive the Eucharist, they wanted to be a part of something special, and they wanted to end the march for life on a high note," said Fr. Thomas Grafsgaard, the chaplain of Trinity High School in Dickinson.

The students are expected to arrive home Monday evening.