Standing Rock Receives Housing Donation

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The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe received a big donation for privatized housing development. This is the first assistance of it's kind for the tribe.

They received $125,000 for housing from ConEdison Development and another $125,000 from Fagen, Incorporated. The companies built a wind project across the river from Fort Yates near reservation land.

Chairman Dave Archambault says the project aligns with the tribe's values and they were grateful to receive this form of support.
ConEdison Development says the tribe helped them significantly with resources, jobs and expertise to help them complete the project.
The companies wanted to return the favor.

"We wanted to go ahead and build the wind project and be part of the community. The tribe has other important issues that they need to deal with," said Mark Noyes, President and CEO, ConEdison Development. "And you work together to create a win/win for both organizations."

ConEdison Development will own the wind project for 30-40 year. They are looking forward to doing more.