Soggy Doggy Day in Minot

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Minot's Park District is celebrating Labor Day with the dogs. Actions Agility and Minot police K-9s put on a show and hundreds of dogs got to enjoy Roosevelt Park Pool.

Labor day was marked with a splash at the Roosevelt Park Pool.

The Minot Park District opened up the pool to hundreds of dogs. It's a fun time to try out their swimming legs.

"I think it's amazing. No, I would never think to see this back in Florida where we're from. For him to get out and meet other animals is great," said Melony Bowden.

The pool attracted just under 400 dogs and while the event was free to the public, about $1,000 dollars was raised for the shelter. It's a win, win, win for the shelter, park district, and residents of Minot, both human and animal.

"My first year, my first month on the job, the Park District asked if I wanted to partner with them for this event. I thought it was a no-brainer. Obviously, we want to be a part of this. Last year, watching not only the people how happy they were to be here but, watching the dogs be excited," said Randy McDonald, Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

Some dogs loved the opportunity, while others were reluctant to get in the water.

"Well, he's only 5 months old and we found out he loves water, so we decided to bring him swimming as soon as we heard about it," said Bowden.

Once a year, pooches of Minot can enjoy the summer with a soggy doggy day.

The Park District and Souris Valley Animal Shelter say they'd like to team up for another Soggy Doggy Day next year.