Social Media Controversy in Mandan

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Whatever issue you post about on Facebook, there's no shortage of opinions to follow. It got so out of hand on the city of Mandan's Facebook page that leaders felt compelled yesterday to try and regain some control.

It started with a post made on the city of Mandan Facebook page regarding a June 9 ballot initiative, but then people started sharing their political opinions on the post.

Soon after, someone who manages the page made a post saying political comments are not allowed.

The post cited a section of the North Dakota century code that prohibits the use of political subdivision property for political purposes.

This post spurred a reaction as to whether or not social media sites, like Facebook, were included in this law, and some were concerned they were being censored.

Today, The city of Mandan says they have reached out to the North Dakota Attorney General's office for clarification on the law and will now allow political comments on the page.

"We are just not going to interject one way or another. We are just going to give the information and we'll let the public comment on them as they want because that's what we encourage. We want the public to say and tell us what they think of a situation," said Mandan Mayor Arlyn Van Beek.

According to a statement on their Facebook page the attorney general's office indicated issues surrounding social media were not contemplated when the state statute was drawn or amended.