Snowflakes to Sprockets Winter Race Draws Crowds

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When you think of winter in North Dakota, mountain biking wouldn't be what comes to mind. But for a select few, the snow covered slopes are another way to polish their skills.

Competitors from around central North Dakota came out to the Huff Hills ski area to have fun and challenge each other. Over twenty racers came out to compete, reaching speeds in excess of forty miles an hour as they traveled the trails.

The Snowflakes to Sprockets Winter Race is part of an annual tradition. The tournament ran in a series of heats, eliminating the slowest racers until only one remained. The champion won only bragging rights, but said he was glad to see that everyone had a good time.

"For sure everybody had a blast. It's all smiles down here, no injuries, everybody got off safe, and had a good time," said Ian Easton, Challenge Winner.

One racer even reported reaching 48 miles an hour on this wild ride.