Serious Crimes Increase in Mandan in 2014

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The Mandan Police Department struggled with a smaller staff and more drug related crimes in 2014.

It released its 2014 Annual Report yesterday and there is a slight increase in violent crimes.

Vicky Nguyen talked to the chief of police to hear how his department handled reports last year and his plans for the rest of 2015.

It was a busy year for the Mandan Police Department.

"With the staffing that we had, our guys did an outstanding job," said Dennis Bullinger, Mandan Police Department chief. "We've had some areas where we seen some increases and some areas in our reports where we had decreases."

The population increased and so did the number of more serious crimes.

"We had two homicides last year. One in January and one in October," Bullinger said.

The department ended the year with fewer burglaries, aggravated assaults and forcible rapes rates, but officers seized more drugs through traffic stops.

"A lot of people that are involved in these cases are identified from outside of the state, so we know that they have some outside sources," Bullinger said.

This man says he still feels safe living in Mandan despite of all the changes.

"No matter where you move to, there's a crime going on in every town or every state," said Alex Himmelspach, Mandan resident.

The number of tips from responsible people helps the department and helps keep the community safe.

"Their eyes are very important to us and to receive those tips, we look at those very seriously," Bullinger said.

Bullinger says he wants to increase his agency's presence in the community to help lower the crime numbers for next year.

The department is training four new officers in preparation for summer and plans to hire more in a few months.