Separated Yet Inseparable Part 2

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Last night, we revisited Maddy and Abby Fitterer, conjoined twins who were separated eight years ago at Mayo Clinic. The girls have faced many medical challenges, but they've overcome every illness and have recovered from numerous medical procedures.

The twins are now in second grade and typical eight year olds, with one exception -- because of their unique history, they tend to miss more school.

"Any time they get a cold we worry it's going to progress into something more serious and it has and then we end up back in Mayo," said the girls' father Stacy Fitterer.

After school, when they're home doing homework or drawing, the twins are still side by side.

The girls' mother Suzy Fitterer said: "I've noticed They're always holding hands or touching each other. It's a beautiful thing to see, that they have each other and I'm glad they do."

We spoke with Maddy and Abby what it's like to not only be twins, but conjoined twins.

"That you were born with your best friend and it never can change," said Maddy.

The twins have gone through a lot of changes both medical and emotional but their parents say the future is bright.

"I want what every mom wants, I want them to be safe, happy and healthy," explained Suzy.

The girls are still small for their age and have a lot of growing to do. They are missing a chest wall to protect their hearts and that will eventually need to be corrected.

Stacy Fitterer/father: "The doctors don't want to do anything as long as they possibly can until they done growing because they'll have to go in and do it over," said Stacy.

The Fitterers have shouldered more than their share of worry, but they haven't had to go it alone. They say the support of the Bismarck-Mandan community has been overwhelming and continues to this day. All the prayers and emotional support have helped them get this far.

"I wouldn't say it's kind of a miracle, it is a miracle," said Suzy.

A miracle that Abby and Maddy continue to live, everyday.