Separated Yet Inseparable

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The Fitterer twins are now in second grade, and doing well after being separated during a six hour surgery at Mayo Clinic.

The Fitterers discovered they were expecting Christmas Eve of 2005. The day after Easter they found out Suzy was pregnant with conjoined twins, which carries a multitude of medical complications.

"If you go on the Internet like I did when I first found out; I was devastated," said the twin's mother, Suzy Fitterer.

Statistics show that most conjoined twins die in utero but the Fitterers always had faith their pregnancy would have a happy ending.

"There was never a moment I didn't think they would make it," said the twin's father, Stacy Fitterer. "I never thought that."

Looking back now at the twin's first few months, Suzy says she prayed for a miracle over a hundred times.

"This has been a crazy ride but it's been well worth it," said Suzy.

On January 3, 2007 a 40-person medical team performed a six hour surgery to separate the girls. After the surgery, Maddy's vital signs dropped to dangerous levels and Abby came to the rescue.

"They moved Maddy onto the bed with Abby and they grabbed hands and they really couldn't look at each other because they were incubated and within about ten minutes, Maddy's vitals signs all went to normal and it was like they needed each other," said Stacy.

The twins still continue to look out for each other.

"In the middle of the night I won't go to sleep unless I know she's OK and that she's going to go to the sleep and not be afraid," said Maddy.

Today, the Fitterers are like any other family in many ways. They spend time together, have routines and go to school

"They're Tom boys but they like to wear princess gowns," said Suzy.

But obviously they're different in lot's of ways. The twins face many more medical challenges on top of everything they've already been through, including numerous surgeries.

"I've had them ask me some pretty tough questions, you know, Maddy had a really tough fall and winter," said Suzy. "'And she wrote me a note and the note said, 'Why does life have to be so hard for me?'"

Despite the hardships, the twins continue to grow and become stronger and are adapting to life in separate bodies with a common bond.