Senate Passes Bill to Make Oral Chemo More Affordable

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The Senate passed a bill to make oral chemotherapy more affordable.

House Bill 1072 requires that insurance companies charge the same co-payment to cancer patients regardless of how they receive their chemo, whether through an IV or orally.

The sole member of the Senate Human Services Committee to vote against the bill argued that the bill should not pass, because it only applies to cancer patients and not to other illnesses that are also expensive to treat.

"Now, this does apply to cancer patients and doesn't apply to Hepatitis C and some of the other things. I'm not so sure that I would disagree with those either, But cancer is the one that is before us and this is the one for our consideration. So I would certainly encourage a yes vote on the bill," said Sen. Dick Dever R- Bismarck

The bill passed 33 to 14 and now goes back to the House for further consideration.