Scammers Impersonating Bismarck Police and IRS

The Bismarck Police Department is warning residents about scammers who are claiming to be officers with the department.

A woman told Police she had been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be an officer with the Bismarck Police Department and an employee with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The phone calls showed a caller ID number of 701-223-1212.

The suspect told the woman that she owed money to the IRS and would be arrested if she did not pay the money with reloadable money cards.

The victim was instructed to purchase Vanilla Reload Network cards and provide the number on the back to the caller.

Police want the public to be aware that Bismarck Police Officers are not calling to collect money for the IRS and this is a scam.

Anyone who has received these types of phone calls is encouraged to contact the Bismarck Police Department and report the incident.