Sanford Comments on Burgum Partnership

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On April 7, it was announced Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford has been chosen as Doug Burgum's running mate in the Gubernatorial Election.

Sanford met Burgum earlier this year at an economic development banquet in Watford City. The two felt they could work with each other following the meeting.

While Sanford began as a supporter of Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Burgum's message spoke to him.

"I talked to Doug about some of the issues that had come up, and we came together on a vision, and I'm very excited about his vision. I think it's the way to go, the Doug Burgum vision for the future is the way to go. With his business expertise. And two small-town guys, one from Arther, one from Watford City, representing the whole state, we think we can bring prosperity to the whole state and have a vision for the future," said Sanford.

Burgum and Sanford will face off against Stenehjem and State Senator Nicole Poolman at the June 14 Primary.

Stenehjem and Poolman received the state's GOP endorsement last weekend.