SAX Motor Company Renovates Downtown Dickinson Location

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Several businesses in downtown Dickinson have undergone renovations in the last several months.

In many cases it's to create more space or beautify an existing building.

Dickinson's downtown is busy with traffic and people. That's how the SAX Motor Company staff likes it.

"We've seen the city grow around us, and beyond us and we wanted to have a presence still in this downtown area," said Pam Kostelecky, SAX Motor Company president.

SAX Motor Company recently finished a renovation project to its building downtown. Although most business is at its other location, the company has strong ties to its downtown home.

The business moved its operations to one of Dickinson's busiest intersections in 1952, and many see it as a cornerstone of downtown.

The business came to town in 1926, but started before then. The upstairs renovation has created new office spaces that can now be leased.

"There is a suite, there is a conference room, but fairly generic so that it could be used for a variety of needs," Kostelecky said.

The company maintained the character of the building by keeping much of its original brick work. Kostelecky adds that they wanted to stay within the recommendations of the city's renaissance zone.

"I used to come in as a kid and worked in this location and across the street, we had a couple different facilities across the street from here," said Christian Kostelecky, SAX Motor Company general manager.

Christian says it was fun to work alongside his mother on the project. The company's accessories business is now centered in the downtown location.

The company's renovation was completed by KO Construction.