Roller Skating Rink Provides Good Old Fashioned Fun

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There are more wheels on a single roller skate than there are rinks to roll on in all of North Dakota.

The tiny town of Kramer, population 30, is one of two places left in the state where you can still whirl around on a hardwood floor while enjoying some good old fashioned fun.

Every Wednesday during the summer, dozens of skaters turn back the hands of time to a era when a favorite form entertainment came on four spinning wheels.

Morgan Kersten and her sister Taylor spent lots of time here when they were younger. They reopened the Kramer Roller Rink three years ago. Having perfect form or being able to do a sit spin isn't why the two sisters keep this piece of Americana going. Morgan says they want millennials to have a chance to experience wifi free fun.

"It was always just so much fun, it's something to do because there's not a lot to do around these small communities," said Kersten.

Five bucks gets you in the door on Wednesday nights, skate rental included.

Jessie Boehnke brings her daughter Bobbie Jo here almost every week.

"We live in the country, so there's no skating on the gravel roads. Every time we come here she gets a little better," said Boehnke.

Taylor Kersten says falling on your face isn't a big deal here. "There's lots of falls."

The Kramer rink is only open during the summer, but in North Dakota, kids like Jules Gonitzke and Lemae Michaelis can work on their skating skills December through March. Jules says her figure skating skills transfer to hardwood. "I ice skate, too, so it's kind'a similar to this," said Gonitzke.

Locals aren't the only ones lacing up here, because there are only few roller rinks still open, people travel long distances to skate back in time.

The Kramer Roller Rink will be open the next two Wednesday, July 29 and Aug. 5 if your looking for some good old fashioned fun.

Kramer, North Dakota, is located 75 miles northeast of Minot.