Road Rage Incidents Increasing in North Dakota

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North Dakota has become a melting pot of people with different driving styles. Sometimes these differences can cause clashes on the road.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol noticed an alarming amount of accidents that were caused drivers' bad behaviors. An aggressive driver can develop road rage in a matter of seconds.

"Road rage is when that person gets emotionally upset. That aggressive driver to the point where they physically assault them," said Dan Moseman from the North Dakota Safety Council.

Moseman says if you're being tail-gated, safely switch lanes to avoid the driver, but you should never...
"You don't want to pull into a parking lot and try to talk to them because you don't know who that person is. They could be a wanted felon."

The Highway Patrol receives about 15 calls a day just in the Bis-Man area alone reporting reckless drivers.
"We're driving on the roadways and we need to share it together so we can all get to our destinations safely," said Lt. Tom Iverson, North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Most of the crashes in 2014 were a result from speeding, driving under the influence, and right of way violations.
"When we look at our collisions in North Dakota, 90% of them are behavioral related so that's a behavior that drivers make a conscious decision to partake in," said Iverson.

The Highway Patrol and Safety Council says drivers should take their time to avoid heated situations.

State Troopers are patrolling the route between Williston and Watford City on Highway 85 due to higher numbers of reckless driving.