Residents Unharmed in Bismarck House Fire

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For the second time in three months, fire has displaced a Bismarck family from their home.

The residents have been living in the basement of the home while the main floor was being repaired.

The smell of smoke alerted them to the fire around 10:30 this morning and they were able to get out in time.

Throughout the day 15 firefighters responded with four fire engines and one command vehicle.

Three dogs were saved but two cats died in the fire and one kitten was found unharmed in the basement during the investigation.

No one was injured, but the homeowners say today's fire is devastating.

"We barely got out, left a bunch of our stuff kind of on the back steps we were lucky to get out with clothes on, yeah I don't know, what do you say really? What do you say when your house burns down?" asks homeowner Gilbert Lorenz.

The cause of the November fire appeared to be accidental. The cause of the fire occurring today remains under investigation.