Residents Reject Proposed $39 Million Bond for Williston New Public School District 8

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With almost double the number of votes cast from the first attempt, residents in Williston's New Public School District 8 have elected to reject the proposed $39 million bond issue.

Sixty-three percent of voters chose to reject the more than $100 tax hike per $100,000 home value. The district was seeking to build a new K-8 school. The district is disappointed its second attempt at passing a bond has failed.

"At this point we have no other choice than to accept what they have said and we will move forward. We wouldn't have floated the bond referendum, if we thought there were other options. Obviously people disagreed with us on this one and we are going to take the resources we have and move forward and make the best of them," said Superintendent Rob Turner.

Turner went on to say that the District 8 School Board would discuss its options going forward.