Rep. Cramer takes some credit for getting Trump to Bismarck

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It's no surprise that Trump's first appearance in North Dakota this election cycle comes on the heels of the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference.

Trump tapped Congressman Kevin Cramer to be his energy advisor several weeks ago.

If Trump takes Cramer's advice, his policy will call for tax incentives for U.S. made energy, a technology-neutral tax code and a states-first approach to regulation.

"The Williston Basin Patroleum Conference and the North Dakota Petroleum Council are major players. It's a major networking event. So it's logical really. It's a logical place for any serious policy person to come here and make a speech," said Cramer.

Cramer says Trump's appearance is also a reward for Cramer's early endorsement as well as a product of Trump's relationship with Continental Resources chairman Harold Hamm.

Tonight, political reporter Max Grossfeld will have Cramer's reaction to Trump's speech as well as statements from other North Dakotan politicians.