Protesters Seek Justice for Death of Eric Haider

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A small group of protesters gathered in Dickinson Friday, saying they wanted justice for the death of Eric Haider.

Haider, a construction worker, was found buried last May at a work site in Dickinson. No one was charged in his death.

Maryellen Suchan, Haider's mother, joined the protesters.

She says the police waited too long to search where he was found, mishandled the search and weren't open enough with her during the investigation.

Even though not many people showed up at the protest, a Facebook group supporting her cause has nearly 1,000 likes.

"It's a roller coaster ride the way it is. People don't realize what's behind our closed doors that we still go through. It's wonderful to know we have them behind us," said Suchan.

We asked the Dickinson Police Department to comment on the protest on their doorstep. The officer at the front desk said that the administration has no comment.