Presentation Discusses Farming Missteps in North America

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Before the 63rd annual National Hard Spring Wheat Show came to an end Thursday, farmers learned about avoiding some missteps in the field.

"We do need to pay a little attention to what we are doing," said Jack Feenstra, Chinook Crop Care.

Feenstra presented his list of deadly sins committed by North American farmers.

"I thought it would be worthwhile to put it all in a list and present it once. And get some feedback from farmers on how we can better address these issues," Feenstra said.

He took a close look at some of the shortcuts farmers take to save money, such as seeding too fast, trying to skim on nutrition and making farming decisions based on what the neighbor does. He says that can be hazardous.

"Some of the things he has said are the things we have been preaching," said Jim Staricka, NDSU Williston Extension soil scientist.

Staricka agrees with some points, but says some of the soil test levels exceed what he recommends to farmers.

"Need to do a little bit more research on that to find out, if indeed we do need to increase our recommendation or maybe our recommendations are still sufficient," Staricka said.

Feenstra says you don't have to do everything he says, but farmers can benefit from some fine tuning.

"If the farmers in the crowd walked away with one or two good ideas on how to improve their bottom line, their family and their safety, my day is very, very well rewarded," Feenstra said.

Farmers have a month or two to think about it before it's time to start planting.

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