Police Release More Information in Bismarck Assault Case

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Bismarck Police have released more information on the assault of a Bismarck woman this weekend.

Police say the 27-year-old victim sent a message to one suspect to purchase meth.

Police say when she got to the apartment for the exchange, one suspect put a knife to her throat. The victim states the suspect hit her.

Authorities say both suspects held the victim down and took belongings from her. The victim says then they handcuffed her and one suspect stated they planned to kill her and dump her body by the river.

Police say the suspects then tried to remove the handcuffs, and a suspect told the victim if she tried to run, they would put a bullet in her head.

The victim states she saw a rifle in a bedroom.

Police say the victim was able to escape, and reported the incident to authorities at a restaurant.

Charges are pending for the two suspects, and the case is still under investigation.