Phase 2 of Affordable Housing Complex Opens in Dickinson

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The need for affordable housing in Dickinson has been a concern ever since the oil boom began, when higher rent prices forced out many people on fixed incomes.

Now they have some options.

Phase two of Heritage Hills Apartments is open for tenants aged 55 and up.

It's not the first of its kind in Dickinson, but there's still a need for affordable housing.

"They need places like this," said Earling Johnson, Heritage Hills Apartments tenant.

Johnson and his wife moved into phase one of Heritage Hills Apartments last July.

"Especially people that you know in my age, that can't get around too good, you know, have trouble walking," Johnson said.

Phase two of the 81-unit facility had its grand opening last week. Johnson enjoys the amenities, but says the apartments could use a community garden for those like him who enjoy the outdoors.

"Gotta keep moving, so; I'd be out on the farm if I could," Johnson said.

The project was funded by the state's housing finance agency, state HIF funds and local agencies. It's the newest senior housing option in Dickinson, and phase two has openings for tenants.

"We have seniors people age 55 and over who really need affordable options to stay a part of the community," said Max Wetz, North Dakota Housing Finance Agency director of public affairs.

The apartments sit in a residential area, but are also close to important businesses in town for convenience.

"With the new hospital access to medical facilities to the new businesses that are here," Wetz said.

The facility has a cleaning and maintenance staff.

Monthly rents can range from $350 to a little more than $700 dollars, based on income.​