Papa's Pumpkin Patch Produces Crunchy Creations

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It's not the right time for picking pumpkins, but the owners of Papa's Pumpkin Patch in Bismarck aren't taking the season off.

A few miles from the patch on Fernwood Drive, the owner's latest crunchy creation is filling shelves and stomachs.

"It just began as something for the family but then it spread, my son was taking it to field trips at school or we were offering it at fundraisers," said Tracy Finneman, creator of Papa's Granola.

After a decade of fiddling with a friends recipe, Finneman says she has a grasp on the granola game.

"It's not just one straight kind of granola, but folks like the dried fruit and of course they can't pass of the Ghiradelli chocolate," said Finneman.

From Hawaiian Delight to Caramel Apple, Papa's Granola is available in four different flavors. And at $4.00 a container, Finneman says sales are soaring.

"Last week, we brought Papa's Granola to Gramma Ginna's it went out on the shelves on Friday and by Monday they had one package left," said Finneman.

Papa's Granola is also available at Steep Me a Cup of Tea on 3rd Street and The Gifted Bean Cafe inside the Bismarck Public Library.