Old Barn Now Used for Shooting Baskets

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The bulls on the Clarence Urlacher farm near New England, North Dakota, have been bred to ignore the sound of basketballs bouncing off the walls of the barn they graze around.
"When I was a kid, we played up here, we had hay up here and a basketball hoop."
Clarence Urlacher doesn't shoot many hoops in the hay loft anymore, but his son John does.
"Usually every night I like to come up here, when it's cooler out, it's nice to shoot around up here."
Most nights during the spring, summer and fall, John is up late practicing by himself, but every now and then his teammates on the New England boys basketball team like Gavin Fitterer show up for a pick-up game.
"John's one of my best friends and I just come over here when I want and we play basketball and just have fun."
It's twenty miles to the nearest gym, so being able to shoot around in the barn in the backyard has really helped improve John's game according to New England basketball coach Luke Powers..
"He's almost 80% from the free throw line, he's our best three point shooter, about 35% there."
Coach Powers says John is one of the best shooters in region seven and averages twelve points a game.
"When he gets going and he gets hot he can really put them down
All of the hours John puts in here are devoted to working on his game, but he still remembers when the primary purpose of spending time in the barn was to produce milk.
"I was kind of the poop scooper. I just shoveled all the time so I didn't really milk too much."
John enjoys shooting buckets much more than moving manure, even if it does heat up in here during the summer.
"It gets really hot in here sometimes in the summer, that's why I usually come up later, but all in all it's really nice to have."
When John's high school playing days are behind him, he and his Dad plan to continue to milk this barn for entertainment they can, because the only time the cows come home to this barn is during calving season.
John Urlacher and the New England boys basketball team will be playing against Hazen in the opening round of the region seven tournament Monday in Dickinson.