Heritage Center Hosts Discussion on Northern Lights Docu-drama

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The Nonpartisan League, formed in 1915, was one of the strongest grassroots movements at the turn of the 20th century and was born in North Dakota.

The origins of the party were immortalized in 1978 by John Hanson and Rob Nilsson with the docu-drama Northern Lights.
The Dakota Resource Council partnered with the State Historical Society of North Dakota and Cinema 100 to show the movie at the Heritage Center this afternoon.
Afterwards, they also hosted a discussion on the movie and party's impact on the state's history.

"I think when normal, common people band together and are intelligent about what they see is wrong in the system and they figure out what would resolve those problems, enormous things can happen," said Sarah Vogel, Former ND Agriculture Commissioner.

"People in North Dakota are interested in their history and right now we're facing some of the similar challenges for how to empower other voices to change politically what they might find important or what hasn't been addressed by the current political apparatus," said Tayo Basquiat, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, BSC.

Northern Lights won the award for Best First Feature at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978. The N-P-L merged with the Democratic Party in North Dakota in 1956. ​