Nonprofits Receive Funding Thanks to Williston Star Fund

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Fifteen nonprofit organizations in the Williston region will get a total of $50,000 dollars for their projects.

This week, the Williston City Commission approved the funding request at its meeting. Each year, the Williston Star Fund board of directors conduct a thorough review of projects seeking community enhancement funding. In order to qualify for the grants, groups applying must be able to show how their project improves the quality of life in Williston by stimulating economic growth, promoting tourism and creating jobs.

"Having the star fund to go to can be a great resource, especially any organization like nonprofit or different groups that wanting to build a community and add to that quality of life," said Karissa Kjos, Williston Downtowners Executive Director.

The Williston Star Fund was created back in 1991 after voters approved a one cent city sale tax.


2016 Star Fund Community Enhancement Projects

Williston Convention and Visitors Bureau - Band Day $5,000 has been allocated to help secure a guest band for Band Day 2016. The total cost is $40,320.

Crosby Country Club $3,000 has been dedicated to defray the costs of updating the club house and golf course maintenance equipment. The total cost is $10,500.

Divide County Fair Association $2,500 has been set aside to help purchase heavy duty picnic tables. The total cost is $8,862.50.

James Memorial Preservation Society $3,500 has been approved to help purchase new LED track lighting for the main gallery of the James Memorial Art Center. The total cost is $5,200.

Marketplace for Kids $4,000 will help defray the cost of Marketplace for Kids at Williston State College. The total cost is $37,709.

Fairview Chamber of Commerce $1,500 has been allocated to help purchase new Christmas lighting. The total cost is $5,000.

Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization $5,000 has been approved to benefit the pageant’s 30th Anniversary celebration in Williston. The total cost $21,000.

Williston Convention and Visitors Bureau - Chokecherry Festival $4,000 has been allocated to help attract entertainment acts. The total cost $50,232.

Old Armory Governing Board $5,500 has been approved to help repair the building ahead of its 100th Commemoration. The total cost $40,000.

Prairie Tumbleweed Association $500 has been dedicated to help train gymnastic coaches. The total cost $2,500.

Trinity Christian School $2,500 has been approved to help fund fire system upgrades. The total cost $5,000.

United Way of Williston $2,500 has been allocated for development and marketing. The total cost $7,000.

Upper Missouri Ministries $3,500 has been approved for camp development and marketing. The total cost $35,000.

Williston Downtowner’s Association $2,000 has been dedicated for lighted holiday decorations for Main Street. The total cost $6,000.

The Williston Rotary Club $5,000 will help defray the cost of building a new pavilion at Davidson Park. The total cost $38,000. Contact Mark Schneider at 701-580-1314.