New Dickinson Middle School Holds Topping Off Ceremony

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It may be the end of the school year, but construction on Dickinson's new middle school is moving full speed ahead. ​

Less than a year ago, this piece of land was nothing more than a plot of grass.

"They told us we would expect a lot of progress in these months. I was quite aware of it. But when you see it, it's another thing. I was quite impressed," said Berg Elementary School Principal Shawn Leiss.

The final beam was placed on top of Dickinson's new middle school earlier today. It marks the completion of the building's structural framework.

Berg Elementary School Principal Shawn Leiss says the building has grown quickly since his visit just five weeks ago.

"Essentially from the administrative offices this way, just the footings were in place, so it's grown by at least double," said Berg Elementary School Principal Shawn Leiss.

Berg Elementary School sixth-graders will be the first eighth grade to graduate from the new middle school in 2018.

School Board Vice President Kris Fehr says the new building is much bigger than what students are expecting.

"This is so much larger than what they're used to. I think their eyes will be open, and I think they will just be happy, and laughing, and thinking wow, what fun it will be to go to school here," said Dickinson School Board Vice President Kris Fehr.

The students will be touring the new middle school next week.

The building's enclosure is expected to be complete by the end of this summer.