ND Tourism Prepares for Peak Season

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The Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of the summer vacation season.

Even though that time of year is two and half months away, the North Dakota tourism department is busy,attracting people to the state.

Even on cold days like today helping people plan a vacation is a top priority for staff at the tourism department.

No matter what the weather is like outside it's always a great day to plan a vacation inside the North Dakota tourism department.

Phones weren't ringing off the hook today at the department of commerce were busy stuffing envelopes with travel guides and mailing out vacation brochures to people planning a visit to the state.

"A lot of advertising is just starting to kick in, so some of our outdoor advertising started his winter. But the print and the digital ads are really starting now and so that's when we see people who see the ads and then go and request the information. So its just ramping up now where were sending out a lot of packets for folks," said Sara Otte Coleman, North Dakota Tourism director.

Last year 380,000 travel guides were mailed out and 650,000 people visited the tourism website.

Cold days like today motivate people to think about getting away.

"We want to try and get away here, ones trying to start college so we want to try and do something before he leaves," said Brigette Little Owl, North Dakota resident.

Little Owl is just one of the thousands of tourist the department of commerce is trying to reach through old fashioned promotional mailings or with the internet.

"We're very active socially, twitter, facebook, inststagram are very popular. Pintrest is also very popular for travel destinations," said Otte Coleman.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of state parks, so North Dakota Tourism is promoting all the camping and outdoor activities that the state provides every month. And, starting in early May, the department of commerce will roll out all the new radio and television ads aimed at attracting warm weather visitors.

Last year, North Dakota Tourism won best of show and best campaign for their print and TV ads.