ND Man Arrested for Presidential Dognapping Plot

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A Dickinson, N.D., man has made national news but not for something good. Washington, D.C., police arrested Scott Stockert on weapons charges Wednesday after following up on a tip they received that he had gone to the nation's capital to abduct Bo, one of the president's dogs.

They tracked Stockert down at a downtown hotel, where he admitted to having an unloaded rifle and shotgun in his pickup truck. Police also found a machete and a billy club.

Once police arrested Stockert, he said he was the son of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe and later claimed to be Jesus Christ.

The search began Wednesday afternoon when the Stark County Sheriff's Department spoke to Stockert's family.

They told authorities that Stockert sent a text saying he was in New York City two days prior and was heading towards D.C. to take Bo.

This is when the department sent out a nation-wide alert to law enforcement with a description of his vehicle, license plate and physical description.

The family also told authorities that Stockert was not taking his proper medication and that he could become violent when off them.

"He's got quite a history with the Dickinson Police Department and the Stark County Sheriff's Department, I don't have any involvements with him myself, but he has quite a history here in the Dickinson area," said Sgt. Maj. Ray Kaylor, Stark County Sheriff's Department.

Stockert was scheduled to appear in court today in Washington to answer to the weapons charges.