Miracle Baby Defies Odds, Heads Home to Texas

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Born on Dec. 26 at 1 pound, 5 ounces, Wyatt Russell's parents nicknamed him their Christmas miracle.

The infant''s mother delivered at 24 weeks and doctors gave Wyatt a 50/50 chance of survival.

He's proven those doctors wrong and is growing stronger by the day.

The Russell family was traveling to Williston from Arlington, Texas, for the holidays when trip took an unexpected turn.

Pregnant Crystal hemorrhaging and was later rushed to a hospital in Bismarck, where Wyatt was delivered through an emergency cesarean section.

That's just the beginning of the preemie's journey.

A journey of more than a thousand miles is finally coming full circle, as the baby who's defied all odds is set for the homecoming of a lifetime.

"As I would say it, I'd say he's writing his own little book," said Crystal Russell.

The ordeal began when Crystal's husband Chris rolled over in bed for a goodnight kiss. That's when he discovered his wife bathed in a pool of blood.

"And he threw the covers back and I'm just laying in a puddle of blood. I'm bleeding. I was scared. I thought I had already miscarried and this was just already the after effect," said Crystal.

The couple knew there was something seriously wrong. The family was taken to a hospital in Williston for treatment. The family was later rushed to a hospital in Bismarck where Crystal delivered Wyatt at 24 weeks. At birth, the baby's arm could fit through a wedding ring.

"I was so scared because I had never seen a baby so little; so small. And all these machines hooked up to him. I've never seen a NICU," said Crystal. "Really, oh my God, I wouldn't even think he was 12 inches at that point. They put this little saran wrap over him cause he's laying on the table."

Now, the preemie, whose name appropriately means warrior, has gained the strength to head home.

"He needs to be a little fighter and that's what he's doing," said Crystal.

Experts said Wyatt would be confined to the NICU in Bismarck until April at the earliest. Meanwhile, Crystal's husband and teenage children had to return to Texas. But the little fighter proved the doctors wrong once again.

"Let's get him home, home. Home in his own bed," said Crystal. "My thing is that I want to let other parents know there always is someone out there that can you help you; night or day. And if my story touches you, or Wyatt's story gives you hope, then great. And I will be there to help you."

The Russell family says North Dakota will always hold a special place in their hearts.

The flight was made possible by Teddy Bear Transport through Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth.

The family's GoFundMe page can be found at gofundme.com/ndhuuekk.​