Minot Murder Investigation Continues

It will be two weeks this Friday since Minot police officers found the body of Angila Wilder in a northwest Minot home. But investigators say they're still pushing for answers, and asking for help from the public.

Minot police say that in the week after the discovery of Wilder's body, its entire investigations department worked the case, and multiple investigators are still working it full time.

They say they understand people's desire for information, but ask the public to be patient as they comb through the evidence.

"When Angila was found, we're working our way backward from that to try to develop all of the evidence and to find all the clues that we need to lock in any suspects," Minot Police Captain John Klug said. "It does take a lot of time. I know that's one that, I know sometimes we get a little impatient in the larger investigations like this because we want an answer, we want an arrest. But it's really about taking time, and making sure all of the pieces fall in place."

The family held a memorial service for Wilder this past Saturday.

If you have any information that would help in the investigation, the police urge you to call them at 701-852-0111.

Those who provide information to the Minot CrimeStoppers Hotline leading to an arrest may be eligible for an award up to $1,000.

The CrimeStoppers Hotline is 701-852-7463.