Mild Winter Allows for Continued Work on Trinity Expansion

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It's unusual weather for a Dickinson winter, but the Trinity Catholic School community isn't complaining.

"I'm standing out here without a jacket and you know people have been working you know basically everyday," said Steve Glasser, Dickinson Catholic Schools president.

Construction on a new chapel, academic wing,and performing arts center began in 2014. Most of the steel foundation work is complete.

In about a month the south side of the project will be enclosed so the public won't see the interior work being done.

But for now, people driving or walking by see the team working on the new facilities. About 35 workers are on site, but at the peak of construction that number will increase to 100.

"People positive out in the field with this good weather, and it really helps with the momentum of the project," said Marc Mellmer, JE Dunn Construction construction manager.

Mellmer says construction is on schedule for completion by December, so students can use the facilities by January 2017. The school plans to take its capital campaign to the public soon.

"We're just planning right now, making plans for the more public phase of the campaign, so we've been at it about a year and we've raised over $13 million in a year," Glasser said.

The project's cost is $30 million.

This is the largest project JE Dunn is working on.​