McKenzie County Fire Sparked by Natural Gas Flare

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There's a red flag warning all over the state, meaning no one should be burning anything outside because of how easily one spark can start a fire that can spread like wild. In a few cases it has.

We're going to take you to the Bakken now, where there's another fire that's been causing some concern.

It's in an area north of Watford City, which creates plenty of challenges in a region where traffic is heavy, there are plenty of oil wells, and people, especially oil workers, are spread out in temporary residences.

More than three thousand acres of land have been reduced to black dust after a natural gas flare was blown by the wind and caught the grass on fire.

Forest Rangers worked all night as the fire moved In and out of these hills.

Workers at the nearby Tobacco Gardens, a recreational campground, says the current view is quite sad.

"Horror -- just unbelievable what I saw, I have never seen anything like it before ever in my life. The smoke just bellowed up from the ground then you would see puffs of black," said Lisa Petermeier, Tobacco Gardens Resort and Marina.

Petermeier said she and other members of the state at tobacco gardens are preparing a meal for the forest rangers as well as a place to sleep.

Mckenzie county's emergency manager says those rangers will likely be monitoring this area for the next five to seven days for any flare ups.