Slide the City Comes to Mandan

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At three blocks long and three lanes wide, Slide the City is taking Mandan for a ride.

"Oh man, it's not every day that this comes to Mandan. This is going to be awesome. I can not wait. I got my pink floaty on!" said Mike Bethke, Slide the City participant.

"This is like once in a lifetime that it's going to be here, so I think it's pretty great that it's here," said Ashlyn Freeman, Slide the City participant.

This isn't your every day slip-and-slide. The slide is so long that you can't even see the top of it from the bottom.

It's not just young people taking advantage of the mega-slide either. Children of all ages are giving it a go.

"I think it's wonderful, I really do. I've seen this on television as part of Bud Light commercials. I thought this was awesome for the city," said Jeff Reiser, Slide the City participant.

"It's fun because really there's not many places where you could actually do this that's close to your hometown, so it's fun to come here," said Chauncey Knittel.

With about 3000 tickets bought, the Parks and Rec Department is happy to call the day a success.

"It feels great, really we accomplished our goal by brining a unique thing to Mandan and just creating more awareness for the Parks district and our new Universal Playground," said Kelly Churchill, Mandan Parks and Recreation.

The Universal Playground will give a space for children with all types of disabilities to have as much fun on a regular basis as most did on the slide today.

The event raised about 5000 dollars towards the Universal Playground which will open this Thursday, September 3rd. ​