Mandan School Board Approves High School Schedule Change

Courtesy: MGN
Courtesy: MGN
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Changes are coming to Mandan High School's schedule next year.

Monday night the school board approved the changes that will help prepare students for college and careers by setting aside time for kids to get extra help during the school day.

Superintendent Mike Bitz says to accommodate the new schedule, two new teachers will be hired, one in math and another in science.

Plus, the amount of classes students have to take will vary; with freshmen and sophomores taking seven classes, juniors six and seniors five.

The grading scale for all dual credit and AP courses will be changed from a 4.0 scale to 5.0.

Also, to allow for more flexibility in elective courses, the physical education graduation requirement will change from 2 credits to 1.5.

Start time will be the same for all students with the day being made up of seven class periods and include a 20 to 25 minute study period.

The exact start time won't be determined for a couple months.