Mandan Police Department Restructures, Reorganizes

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Mandan Police officers and staff were busy moving boxes this morning.

"Right across the hall is where our patrol lieutenants are going to be so we're all in one nice neat little area", said Mandan Police Department Patrol Sgt. Dan Poppe.

It's a move from the other side of the building for the patrol division and is part of many changes involving the reorganization of the department.

"The one thing that I've seen needed is a defined structure within the agency, so what I did was divide the agency into two separate bureaus", said Mandan Police Chief Jason Ziegler.

They now have an enforcement bureau and support bureau, a structure Ziegler says police stations across the country have changed to. The change also promoted five members of the department.

"It defines the structure within the police department, the chain of command, and also divides responsibilities between the two deputy chiefs", said Ziegler.

The new structure is just one major change for the department. The city commission recently approved the department start a defined benefit program for officers that will help in recruiting new officers.

"It gives our benefits package the needed boost that's going to be required to attract the talent that we've been looking for," said Poppe.

The department is looking to fill six positions by summer.