Mandan PD Experiences Officer Shortage

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The Mandan Police Department is nine officers short of a full force. The shortage doesn't just affect the department, but it clearly impacts the community as well.

Being short nine officers can mean less patrolling and longer response times.

The Deputy Chief says that it's been about seven years since the department had a full staff, and he says it's mainly because there's many enforcement agencies in the capitol area.

"The Bismarck Mandan area is a competitive area for law enforcement jobs. There's a lot of choices for applicants. Bismarck, Mandan, Burleigh, Morton, Highway Patrol, BCI, the State Penitentiary so it's a very competitive market here versus other agencies in North Dakota which are more isolated," said Paul Leingang, Mandan Police Department deputy chief.

This weekend, I'll tell you what some Mandan residents say about the officer shortage.