Mandan Moose Euthanized

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A moose that was roaming around Mandan was euthanized earlier this week. Some residents in the area were upset that the animal was put down. But, the Mandan Police Department, and North Dakota Game and Fish Department say it was necessary because it had become a public safety issue.

"Some of the practices of being very close to it, touching it, having some of that interaction didn't help the situation," said Jeb Williams, North Dakota Game and Fish. "And the moose was very habituated and to the urban area. So, another concern by taking the moose and putting it in a different part, the moose would just wander into a different area, and so you would be taking the same situation and putting it somewhere else and the problem would arise again."

It was first reported to police that the moose was hanging out near WalMart in Mandan, but it ended up wandered throughout other parts of the city.Williams said it was not able to be transported to the Dakota Zoo, because they didn't have space because of disease risk concerns

All the meat from the moose was donated to the sportsman against hunger program.