Mandan Introduces Single Sort Recycling Program

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Mandan's going green.

The city will start a single sort recycling program on Jan. 2, but single family homes will start to see new collection containers sooner.

The 96 gallon containers are ready to be filled.

More than 7,600 recycling bins are being delivered throughout Mandan.

It's an effort by the city to reduce the amount of waste residents leave.

"I expect that landfill waste is going to get harder to get rid of; get more and more costly as far as transportation costs and it is the least responsible alternative for our community," said Shauna Laber, Mandan City Commission.

Every month residents will see a $5.50 charge on their utility bill for the service. That's in addtion to the more than $10 they already pay for garbage disposal each month.

"It is roughly the same price as a pack of cigarettes or one Starbucks coffee. And if you can't go without one of those in a month..." said Tesa Kingkade, Dakota Sanitation route manager.

Laber says the Bismarck Landfill is running out of space.

"Wasting is not a value of North Dakota," Laber said.

The city says last year about 8,000 tons of garbage from Mandan was disposed of in the Capital City.

The goal of the recycling program is to reduce waste by approximately 20 percent by the end of 2016.

She says it's time to start thinking about future generations by reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

For more information on Mandan's single sort recycling program, including pick up schedules and what can be recycled, contact Dakota Sanitation at 701-258-4679 or visit