Search Warrant Issued for Mandan High School Teacher

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Mandan police have issued a search warrant in connection with the case of a teacher who had sex with an underage teen. Authorities indicate that a warrant was issued, but are not releasing any other details. Amanda Kolosky was charged last week and released on bail on Friday.

A 17-year-old boy told the school counselor that he had sex with Kolosky at her home about a week ago.

Investigators say he and Kolosky texted each other for more than a year. They also say she admitted to having a sexual relationship with him.

Kolosky is charged with corruption of a minor.

"We always take something like that very seriously because teachers are in a unique position. They have a lot of influence over kids and obviously any sort of sexual crime involving anyone under 18, we take serious," said Lt. Lori Flaten, Mandan Police Department.

Kolosky is currently on indefinite administrative leave.