Officer Walt Walks the Halls of Mandan High for Final Year

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Some people finish school and never want to look back, but an 83-year-old Mandan man says he's always looked forward to walking the halls everyday. That man is Mandan High School's security officer; the kids call him officer Walt.

He spent his life as a pastor, a chaplain for the Mandan Police Department and security officer for Mandan High School.

Walter Schott has seen students walk through the front doors as nervous freshmen and leaving as confident seniors, but this will be his last school year.
Officer Walt was hired to patrol the school's parking lots and to make sure students were following traffic laws.

"Walt is adored by everybody. He's a nice man. He's plays a dual role within the community," Mark Andresen, Mandan High School principal.

But instead students and faculty members have seen him as a role model.

"I have been a person that wants to be doing something and not just to be for the sake of doing, but something that is constructive. Something that is productive and something that touches the lives of other people," said Schott.

Schott and his wife dedicated their lives to serving the community. When his wife passed away last year after a battle with cancer, he made sure he would continue their mission. "I want to be there for them and to help them," he said.

Schott will be moving to Washington to be closer to one of his sons at the end of the school year, wrapping up his 16 year career with the school and 34 years as a chaplain.

"As many years as we've had him, it's been a blessing and I wish he would stay just one more year so I can finish senior year, but I'm glad he's doing what he loves," said Dale Spilman, Mandan High School junior.

Schott says leaving Mandan High will be one of the hardest things he's ever done, but he hopes people will remember him and become productive and caring citizens.
Officer Walt also has a son in Kansas.

The principal says everyone appreciates officer Walt's shoes will be very hard to fil