Legos for Cadea

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Parents of a newborn baby were told they couldn't take their daughter home two weeks ago. The baby, Cadea Schneider, contracted a bacterial infection and has been at Sanford Health's NICU ever since.

An artist at a Bismarck bar and its patrons came together to pray and dedicated cinder blocks for the family.

Cortney, Kyla Schneider and their baby were two hours from being discharged from the hospital, until they were stopped.

Cadea's dad Courtney said, "One of the nurses came back and said we have to take her into the NICU because she had an infection."

They were told Cadea had a 50 percent chance of surviving.

"They found out she had a blood clot in her heart, that the infection or blood clot probably would've killed her if we took her home," said Cortney.

The Schneiders asked their family and friends to pray for them, not knowing there were people they didn't know doing just that.

"To dedicate something for a child is awesome. I love children. Children are everything to me," said artist Janet McFarlen.

McFarlen was supposed to paint the cinder blocks gray for a new smoke area at a bar when she met Cadea's uncle.

"He said his brother is really into legos, and then he was telling me about his brother's daughter. So, he asked if I can put initials on and I said of course," said McFarlen.

A customer says many people stood by watching McFarlen as she turned the blocks into legos.

"When I saw that I went man, this is just fabulous. What an inspiration," said customer Bob Snyder.

The Schneiders' are amazed, too.

Cortney said, "People don't even know me and to do something like that, to be in people's thoughts and prayers that don't me is very awesome and you can feel that."

Schneider says Cadea is doing well and her blood clot is half the size that it was.

Schneider says Legos are an important part of his life.

He has a room that stores his 187 lego sets and can't wait until his daughter is old enough to play with them.